Producer Reel

Laura Owen, originally from Houston, TX, moved to Los Angeles after graduating cum laude from American University (DC) with a degree in Political Science.  She began film development in 2009 with the online series and live media concept "It's So LA".  "It's So LA" screened in the Short Corner at Cannes International Film Festival in 2011.

Since then Laura continued to expand her talents in film making with her first solo project, "Chocolates" in 2013.  "Chocolates", which she wrote and produced, won "best original short film story" in the LA Film and Script Festival.  A couple projects later, Laura created her signature piece which she wrote, produced and directed; "Winged Feet Do Fly".  The film went on to win a Remi Award for best dramatic short at Worldfest.  Since "Winged Feet", Laura produced a 1/2 hour pilot, "Amanda McKay" directed by Mark Haber, then she wrote, directed and produced the espionage short "Black Box", followed by a music video in coordination with Madraym Productions.  "The Boxer", which Laura produced with writer-director Paul Baker, is her most recent project. 

She is looking forward to the next step into the independent feature world.  For more information please visit IMDB.

Laura Owen - PRODUCER